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Product Idea: Commemorative LEGO Set - The Spirit of the Union
This project was conceptualized and presented to LEGO as a commemorative special edition set of collectibles to mark the 50th anniversary of the formation of the United Arab Emirates. 
Lego Idea Board 1 copy.jpg
Lego Idea Board 2 copy.jpg
Lego Idea Board 3 copy.jpg
Installation Art: Dune in a Box
‘Dune in a Box’ is a piece of installation art submitted to Dubai Design Week to meet the theme of restorative and circular design in the urban environment. Amidst all the gleaming chrome, glass and concrete of Dubai, ‘Dune in a Box’ is paradoxical, yet topical, reminding the viewer of the terrain that houses this ultra-modern city. 
Sand Dune Idea Board 1 copy.jpg
Sand Dune Idea Board 2 copy.jpg
Sand Dune Idea Board 3 copy.jpg
Promotion: The Big Blue Bag
The FRAKTA is not much of a glamour accessory but as reusable bags go, it is a champion workhorse and an icon in its own right. This series of jokey ads was designed and presented to IKEA to gently remind shoppers to reach for reusable bags. 
IKEA Idea Board 1 copy.jpg
IKEA Idea Board 2 copy.jpg
Promotion: Ads and a Role-playing Video Game App
This set of cheeky ads was proposed to Hell Pizza for calling their clientele back to its many outlets after the Covid lockdown was lifted in New Zealand. The package included a role-playing video game that could be made available on the company’s app. 
Free Billboard Mokup (night edition) 01 copy.jpg
Free Billboard Mokup (night edition) 02 copy.jpg
Free Billboard Mokup (night edition) 03 copy.jpg
Hell Idea Board 4 copy.jpg
The Bitmoji Idea
This was recommended to a fashion brand as a social media promotion idea – customers create avatar versions of their own likeness, ‘shop’ in the brand’s Bitmoji store and outfit their avatars to reflect their own style for the day. OOTD, avatar style. 
Bitmoji Idea Board 1 copy.jpg
Poster Design for Soul in Harmony
An ongoing collaboration with DoodleBug for Soul in Harmony, a mindfulness coaching center. Copy by Vinod Sudheer
Soul Poster Board 1 A.jpg
Soul Poster Board 3.jpg
Soul Poster Board 2.jpg
Packaging Redesign for Al Rawabi’s Tampico Juice- Phase 1
We were tasked with the redesign of Rawabi’s Tampico Juice 350 ml outer cartons. The goal was to relaunch the product in Iraq, their largest target market. In addition to the packaging redesign, we developed a CSR idea in support of the many children displaced due to regional conflicts. Animals, trees, houses, etc. came to life through die-cut shapes placed in the inner flaps of the cartons, which could be punched out and used for play. The idea deeply resonated with the client when they saw how the brand could be of service to the underserved. 
Packaging Redesign for Al Rawabi’s Tampico Juice- Phase 2
After the successful launch of the 350 ml bottles, Rawabi wanted to introduce the one litre size, which would be a new variant in the market. We were tasked with creating enthusiasm among the traders for this new variant through exciting packaging design. Traders often prominently display large stocks of in-demand brands in their warehouses. Knowing this, we developed a design showcasing the juice bottles in actual size along the length of the cartons. The design was resoundingly embraced both by Rawabi and the traders, leading to a rush of pre-bookings.    
Packaging Redesign for Qatar Foods
Qatar Foods has been the market leader in their region for over three decades. We worked with them recently and helped evolve the brand and refresh their visual language. The redesigned line of products helped accelerate their market lead and connect with a new generation of consumers. This led to us being invited to redesign over 20 products in their portfolio. At present we are working on the brand’s positioning for its entry into the Indian market.
Qatar Pafki
Qatar Pafki
Website QFF Board 5.jpg
Brand Promotions for an Asian BBQ Restaurant
Grand BBQ Restaurant wanted to introduce a combo-meal offer and invited us to design its takeaway packaging. We saw here an opportunity to promote not just the combo-meal offer, but the restaurant brand as well. The strategy we proposed was well received by the client and we were tasked with designing and producing all elements of the combo-meal offer and reimagining the restaurant experience. We landed on a light-hearted visual language to showcase the restaurant’s traditional cooking techniques and unique flavours.  
Brand Promotions for an American BBQ Restaurant
Chukkers Smokehouse initially approached us for their takeaway packaging, but later re-engaged us to partner with them on redesigning their brand’s visual language. Chukkers wanted to strengthen their existing customer relationships, while connecting with a new wave of barbeque fans. The goal of the redesign was to deliver a livelier representation of the restaurant and to highlight the barbeque treats being served there. We took this as an opportunity to differentiate Chukkers from its many competitors through an eye-catching and memorable design execution.
Rebranding a Leather Restoration Company
800-Leather specializes in the care and restoration of premium leather products such as designer bags, shoes etc. They approached us to help them rebrand, relaunch and re-establish their market presence. We wanted to create an iconic representation of the brand, a symbol that would represent both craftsmanship and restoration. The workman’s apron became the perfect metaphor for all that the brand promised to offer. This guided the visual language for everything else, from uniforms to packaging to online presence.
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