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Limited Edition Business Cards
I had made these business cards, meaning to give them out during the Dubai Lynx. The best cards in my opinion, are ones the receiver may be tempted to hold on to, for a bit. They should be memorable and above all, functional. I think these are on the money. They were definitely fun to make.
Board for Comic Card 1A.jpg
Illustration Series for The Economic Times, India
Illustrations 1.jpg
Poster Design for Escucha Mi Voz, on ‘Sustainable Development’
Illustrations 11.jpg
Illustration for the IRPC Exhibition- ‘The Art of Reggae’
Illustrations 2.jpg
Poster Design for, on ‘Diversity’
Illustrations 12.jpg
Illustration for Art Moves, The International Festival of Art
Illustrations 3.jpg
Poster Design for IPOP and TAM-TAM Institute, on ‘Pedestrian-Friendly Cities’
Illustrations 13.jpg
Poster Design for Malta Festival Poznan, on ‘Stop Hate’
Illustrations 14.jpg
Illustration for a ‘Reduce Waste’ Initiative
Illustrations 4.jpg
Illustration for a ‘Recycle Food Waste’ Initiative
Illustrations 5.jpg
Illustration for a Bank’s ‘Money Back Credit Card’ Promotion
Illustrations 6.jpg
Illustration for ‘One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival’
Illustrations 7.jpg
‘Spread the Word’, an Illustration Series for a Personal Project
Illustrations 8.jpg
‘Miniature Greeting Cards’, a Personal Project
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