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How about a creative challenge?

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Creativity is a matter of practice. We often fall into the trap of thinking creativity hinges purely on talent. It does take talent, for sure, but it is also a craft. And all craft requires practice. Practice does make perfect. Creative challenges are one way to go about getting your daily dose of creative practice.

Creative problem-solving is a vital skill in today’s world. This is especially true if your chosen line of work is a creative one like design, advertising, illustration etc. Practicing creativity through creative challenges can help you be better prepared to think out-of-the-box and face tight deadlines with confidence. The ability to summon creativity at will can be a vital tool in your arsenal and regular practice can help stave off creative blocks.

One of my go-to creative challenges is doing crayon renditions of a known masterpiece. I start with choosing a masterwork that I admire. I then focus on a portion of the selected artwork and go on to recreate this portion using good ol’ crayons. The process of using something as basic as crayons to recreate a detailed and complex painting helps me rethink the ways to mix colours, define edges, bring out the contrast, etc. The challenge inherent in the task encourages me to keep trying, not to mention the sheer child-like fun of using crayons.

If you happen to live close to museums or galleries, this is something you could try out on location. Here in Dubai, we have the Louvre Abu Dhabi in the neighbouring emirate with a host of shows and activities that I can enjoy as an art lover and creative designer. At the same time, it offers new fodder for creative exercises and challenges.

Do try out this creative challenge, or your own version of it. Hopefully, it would help you refresh and energize your mind for the coming week.

Have a good one!

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