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Good design makes you money.

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

If you are a business wondering whether you should invest in design, then this is just the article for you.

Design is much more than how your product or service ‘appears’. It goes far beyond elements like your website, logo, packaging, promotional materials etc. Not to say that these branding elements are not important, of course - many businesses depend on the consistent look of their signage, stationary, etc. for profitability and recall. When we look at design from a ‘processes’ point of view, or ‘brand experience’ point for view, we look at design a little differently.

If your product fills a need or creates a desire, and you take care to design it well, your chances of success (making money) improve greatly compared to a similar product that isn’t as well-designed. A Japanese knife for example is highly sought-after by culinary enthusiasts for its precision and sharpness. High quality, plus meticulous design helps these knives command a premium price.

Considering design as one of the key pillars of your business can have a positive impact on your profits - attracting the right customer, standing out from competition are just a few of the benefits of good design.

Businesses stand a chance to cultivate a unique voice through good design, an essential element in today’s crowded marketplace. Good design also aids in innovation, which in turn, fuels a culture of creativity within the company.

If your business is based in a city like Dubai, then you are already in luck. The city is blessed with an audience that encourages and appreciates good design. It’s no surprise then that you’d find brands and businesses all around that include design in their strategies.

Having a good design partner goes a long way in creating a truly effective product. It sends a powerful message to your potential clients and customers. It helps them gravitate more towards your product than a competitor’s. And this further helps create brand loyalty for your offering.

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